Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 7 of School

School this past week was good though I only had classes on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the Columbus day Holiday on Monday. In Color and Design I am moving on to my self portrait project and we learned about one of our next projects (the one after the shoes) which will be to design 5 stamps (ACK). As a former stamp collector I am so familiar with stamps that it shouldn't be too hard to do this, still I am not really looking forward to it. One of our stamps has to be a sports figure. Hmm guess I should be buying some magazines to get some pictures, or check out the newspaper sports pages. I did manage to get my portrait done on Monday and used Wednesday class time to get my grid done.

In Computer Graphics we are still working on Illustrator techniques. We learned how to break apart a font, a handy tool if you want to create logo's from initials. I have to say that letters like the letter "A" are a bit tricky to cut apart, course it just could have been the font I was using for my experiments.

Drawing class this week had us working with pen and ink and using different line qualities to create shadows since you can't smudge ink. Below is my first try, I am not very happy with it, I didn't sketch in the sunflowers and when I was inking got them the totally wrong size, they look like daisy's not sunflowers (sigh)

Next try was this Bust, I can't recall who exactly it is, some Roman, I do know that . I sort of like this one, at least you can tell it is an older male human.

This next photo is of my 3rd try, ran out of class time and didn't finish, you can see the pencil lines around the top. I also need to do a bit more work on the face. This is from a photo, but is another sculpture. The mouth is good, and I suppose I should finish it. But, we have homework of 3 pen and ink drawings for next Tuesdays class, and so far I only have one finished. I do have two others that I am working on, but I think I need to finish them before I go back to this one.

My last photo this week is the still life charcoal drawing I did 2 weeks ago for my homework assignment. I am pleased with the bananas, and I think it really does work as a composition. That said the photo really isn't very good. I didn't realize until I went to crop it that it is a bit out of focus. Still you can get the general idea of what this looks like.

On the quilting front about all I have been doing is quilting a couple of UFO quilts. One is about the size of a baby quilt, my paper pieced mariners compass blocks. The other is a twin sized bed quilt. The top is hand pieced batik blocks that I finished ages ago, started quilting but never finished. I got the basic grid quilting done, but when I started quilting the blocks didn't like what I was doing, what thread I was using etc. so stopped. I took out the old quilting on the blocks and am using a different thread and a different quilting pattern. This time I think I like it so it is just a question of finding the time and energy to get it done. This next Friday will be our next Fast Friday Fabric Challenge. Wonder what it will be this time.