Thursday, November 20, 2008

12th week of school

Just a quick update. The only finished drawings this week are two stamp designs for my color and design class. I have to do a total of 5 stamps. I think I have mentioned the stamp project before, but am not sure if I mentioned what the 5 different stamps have to use as their themes. So just for review the 5 themes are, Famous American, Famous American Artist, Federal Holiday, National Monument and a sports figure. The two I just finished are for the National Monument and Famous American. I chose Petrified Forest which is also a National Park for the National Monument, and Emily Post as my Famous American. My designs are 5 by 7 inches. The Petrified Forest is a combination of a couple of photo's I found on the Internet, foreground is from one photo and the background hills are from a different photo. This stamp was done with colored pencils and ink for the lettering. I used Photoshop to layout the letters in the font I wanted then drew them onto the stamp and inked them in. Emily is from a photo of her that I found on the Internet. One of the weekly News magazines had run a short article about her, but the photo they used was of a much younger Emily and I preferred this one which was a bit more modern, besides I really liked the hat she was wearing. If you want to see the photo I used click on this link, the photo is about half way down the page.

She is done with pen and ink only, I chose blue ink instead of black to add some interest. Early US stamps were engraved and only use one color of ink because the presses at the time could only hold one plate, so to imitate that process I just used the one color. Two stamps down, three more to go. I will have a drawing class next week so may have more to show. We are moving on to some figure drawing, should be interesting.

Hopefully between now and next week I will manage to finish the quilting on my challenge piece which I have been ignoring because of school work. I am pretty much up to date with school projects at this point so should be able to find some time to get that done. Will post pictures of that when it is finished.