Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving week

I can't believe we only have a couple more weeks of school. But it is true. All of my classes are starting to wind down a bit. But there is also pressure in a couple to complete final assignments before we reach the end of term.

Last week was the first week for a bit that I had all my classes. I had been missing drawing on Tuesdays for various reasons. This week in drawing we started drawing faces. We had a bit of a lesson on how to draw faces and the standard shapes that heads usually are. We also received some handouts. Then we started by drawing a couple of pictures that the instructor provided. I am not going to show you those - they aren't bad but they aren't that good either. Then he had class students sit on a dais and pose for approx 10 minutes while we all drew them. I am only going to show you 4 of those, the ones I think are OK. None of them are wonderful, but these sort of capture the person who was sitting. My instructor tells me that I am making everyone look too young, I have a feeling it is because the kids in the class all seem young to me. The last image is of our instructor, and I also having him looking a bit young, I think he is in his 40's in reality. Ah well I am just not that good just yet with the quick sketch of people. He had me do a stint on the dais but fortunately he didn't do a class critique so I have no clue just how bad they made me look. Just as well I think.

In color and design I finished two more stamps. These are for the famous American and the National Holiday requirement, all I now have left is the sports figure. Another portrait image for the famous American, but this one I think really works. However it took me way longer then 10 minutes to do. Homework for drawing is to do 4 more faces, but he has asked us to only spend about 10 minutes one each one so it shouldn't be too difficult to do. Actually for me doing them in the short of a time frame is a challenge.

My last image for you is a photo of the second landscape that I was working on for my drawing class. I was going to turn this one in instead of the pencil drawing, but didn't have it done in time. I finally finished working on it last night. Well I think I am done with it, I may go back in and darken a few areas after looking at it for a bit, but I am inclined to call it done at this point.
This is from a picture I took in Lowell, MA a couple of years ago when I was attending the Lowell Quilt Festival. I am not sure what the foreground structure is, a walkway over the river I believe, part of the Historic park I know.

On a final note this past week we here in the States celebrated Thanksgiving, I had a good one visiting with friends. I do hope that everyone here in the States reading this also had a wonderful Turkey day, and didn't get too stuffed with food. Now I have to start thinking about Christmas shopping.