Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Already

How time flies, first week of December has come and gone. With it more classes and a cold for me. The cold I could live without, but it isn't as bad as it could be and I am happier to have it now then later in the month. It did make my drawing class on Tuesday not much fun but I survived and have some drawings to show you. We did more portrait work on Tuesday, and looked at a lot of self portraits by various artists. Can you guess where this is going? I get to do another self portrait, this one for my drawing class and he wants more shading so I will probably do this one with charcoal, but I don't think I will use the vine it is too soft and smudges too easily to do really nice work to keep.

I did use the vine charcoal for the studies we did in class, first we again did each other. While there are a lot here there are still a couple I left out, one where the instructor was giving me some suggestions and another that I just don't care for all that much. Still here are the rest of the ones I did.

Some aren't too bad, and almost look a bit like the people I was drawing. I think I am getting a bit better. Just have to do more of this. Please keep in mind that these are approximately 10 minute studies, so they are sketchy and the vine does really smudge easily.

Our last study was of my friend the roman bust, which I did earlier in pen and ink. Here he is in vine charcoal.

Last image for this week is my last stamp for my color and design class. This one was my sports figure. It was supposed to be a person but the instructor is giving us some latitude so I just did Olympic Sports, in this case gymnastics.

OK, I am going scream, I just realized that I spelled Gymnastics wrong on the stamp. Bother now I have to decide if I want to fix it or leave it. I know I should fix it, and this stamp isn't very complex so it shouldn't take all that long to replace. I have to think about this for a bit. Though since I now realize the problem you don't have to leave me notes about it.

My other activity this past week when I have the energy for it has been working on my next Challenge for the FFFC group. This one is supposed to be either a close up or a distance view using various fabric values, dark dark, light light and mediums. I have mine designed, though it isn't that much of a close up still it is a closer view then I usually work. I have the background pieced, and pieces are glued down waiting to be sewn. Not sure if I will finish in time (deadline is noon this coming Sat) this month, but hope to get it done before I leave for vacation.