Saturday, March 28, 2009

February FFFC # 30 - Done

Houses Round the Bend

It's done. Well, maybe done, it needs a label, and a hanging sleeve and I may decide to add more trees in the upper right corner, but at the moment I am considering it done. Our Challenge for February was to use the design element of an S curve with a split complementary color scheme. Going with my theme of structures, I drew an S curve on a sheet of paper in my Drawing pad and added simple houses. Going through the stash I pulled fabrics using the split complementary colors of Orange, blue green and blue violet. Right away I had a problem, very little blue violet fabrics, not in the hand dye, not in my batiks and even not in my commercial prints. Since I like the color I can only think that the Mfgs don't make all that many fabrics using blue violet. My other issue is that I think some of my oranges are more on the yellow orange side, or even drifting to the red orange, though I did try hard to stay away from that. I did find a group of 6 inch charm squares from a packet of Primrose Gradations fabrics to give the enough blue violets in a range of values to make the houses. I added in a couple of blue violet batiks that I had. Base fabrics are the blue green hand dyes.

Machine pieced, machine applique, machine quilted with cotton threads, usually a 30 weight, and hand embellished with various colors of pearl cotton. The embellishments are the rooftops, the large quilting stitches in the houses and the trees in the background. I am going to call it Houses Round the Bend.