Friday, May 29, 2009

FFFC Challenge # 32

Alphabet of Ferns

I am happy to say this challenge piece is done, late, but hey it is still May right? This is another of my FFFC Yahoo Group challenges, number 32 to be precise, issued the last Friday in April. Of course number 33 has already been issued and so far that one is only in the thinking stages, and I have missed doing 2 others, though one of those has fabrics pulled and some templates made so hopefully I will get to that one eventually.

Our challenge for Thirty two was to use analogous colors, I used blue, blue green and green with a complementary color. I used Orange. Seems like I have been doing a lot with orange lately. Obviously I like this color combination. The composition element was to use grids or frames. We were supposed to continue our series, mine is structures, but not sure this fits that theme. Maybe if you consider letter forms structures.

Earlier this year in my Typography course we created strokes and designed some letter forms, at the time I thought they would be fun to use on a quilt and even went so far as to create some stamps and purchase some Lumiere Paint. I even played with it a bit but had no time to actually do anything with the results. So when this challenge came out I thought, perfect way to use my letterforms and stamps. The stamping isn't very good, not as clean as I would prefer, partly my lack of skill in carving the stamp, and partly the material I used. I think I would have done better using a stencil as I did with the ferns. The fern design was done using home made stencils and Shiva paint sticks. I like how they came out. The lighter ferns are actually two colors a light cream overbrushed with a green.

I had designed 9 letter forms and used all 9 to create this small quilt. Size is approximately 17 X 19 inches. As always comments are welcome.