Thursday, May 14, 2009

Final Week Spring Term

It's done, over, finished, my last final, my last critique for the winter/spring term. Yesterday I had my Graphic Design final critique, Monday I had my Color and Design final and Tuesday I had my drawing final critique. When the dust settles I think I will have two A's and two B's but we will see.

I don't have a lot of images for you this week just my final projects.

First is my drawing final, we had to draw at least 4 people, I have 5 figures in mine. I used a photo in the April issue of Smithsonian Magazine that was taken by Eudora Weltry. By the looks of the clothing the photo was taken back in the 30's but it might have been later. Men taking a break from their work to enjoy some music. I left several background figures out, and my instructor suggested that I add her name as photographer to the drawing so I did.

I had been wondering what to draw for my final, but when I saw this photo I had an ahha moment and knew I had found my subject. Wonderful composition, strong lines, lots of lights and darks, perfect for my purposes. I am relatively pleased with how it came out, and know that I probably couldn't have done it at the beginning of this last term, at least not so well, my figure drawing skills have improved a lot.

Graphic Design final project was my logo design for a non-profit group or society. I chose Mass Audubon as my group. We had to write papers about our selections so that we would have an understanding of the what the group does and their ongoing goals. I did a lot of sketches and finally ended up with the following as my logo.

The bird silhouette is done from a photo I found of a chickadee sitting on a branch. The chickadee is the State bird for Mass so I wanted to use one for my bird image. I am quite pleased with how this came out, though I received and used a fair amount of input from my professor and fellow students the basic concept is mine, and I made the final decisions about font's and layout. However it wasn't enough to design the logo we had to put it on stationary, letterhead, business card and envelope. The images below are my final designs.

So now I take a deep breath and try to figure out what to do next. I have some quilts to make for my Challenge group, I want to keep up my drawing skills, and hopefully create a "body" of work. Maybe do a website or two. In the near future the School is putting on an Arts Festival this coming weekend which I will attend. Lots to keep me busy.