Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mid July Drawings

I really haven't been doing a lot of drawing, but I did spend a couple of days doing some rabbit sketches and drawings from Photo's I downloaded off of the Internet.

Above is just one of several pages of sketches I did, the guy with the long ears is a Jack Rabbit, and they really do have those long ears, makes them a bit funny looking doesn't it. Then I did this pair of rabbits, probably nest mates and fairly young. I can recall friends finding rabbit nests and trying to raise the young rabbits when I was young, mostly it didn't work and they died, but they were sure cute.

Last rabbit drawing is an English bunny, looks like a stuffed rabbit doesn't it, but truly the photo I was working from was of a real live bunny, very cute, as long as it isn't eating your garden of course.

Last image for you is my finished Seagulls drawing. I used pen and ink for this, well pigma technical pens which I love to work with. I use the .005 mm size for these drawings as it gives me a finer line for shading. I was working with both black and blue pens, so the blue water is pen not brush. This drawing is a combination of a couple of photos I took last winter of seagulls gathering in a local park. Not so many of them around there right now though I think most of these were still fairly young gulls, a couple still had some brown feathers on the head. I am sure there is now better feeding elsewhere which is why they have temporarily moved out. They will be back with the cold weather I am sure.

I need to get back to my Nature book studies. I am supposed to be doing an exercise with round objects. For that I picked up some peppers at the supermarket this weekend. Now I just need to sit down and do some studies. Peppers do come in wonderful colors, sometimes I wish I was painting since the colors are so lively. I may do something with color pencil instead we will see.

Hope everyone is having a good summer. Per usual comments are always welcome.