Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beads ahoy

I have been beading this past couple of days. I decided that I really, really didn't like the way one of my FFFC challenge quilts looked. It was challenge #29 and because of school work I just didn't have time then to finish it the way I had planned when I was designing it. I suppose it looked ok with the bare branches for trees and bushes but to me it didn't fit the colors of the quilt, which were greens and blues. To me those colors mean spring/summer, so branches should have leaves. Took me several hours and an extensive search through the bead stash, but I found my green leaf beads (assorted sizes, shapes and yes, colors) but now the branches/stems have leaves, or something approximating leaves on them.



Let me know what you think, I know I prefer the 2nd version. I have a lot of yellow/orange and red leaves, maybe I should do a fall version, if not of this design then another. Hmm have to think about that.