Monday, September 28, 2009

First 3D piece finished

Well it is done, above is just one view, scroll down for more views. Because E-board, which we used to construct this planar object, is white on one side and cardboard colored on the other I took quite a few pictures.

First here is a picture of my workspace before I started gluing.

Sorry about the high contrast, the sun was coming in the window onto the table that I work on, I didn't want to wait to get started so the picture had to be taken under less then optimal conditions. On the left and toward the middle are the 2 stacks of E-board pieces, on the right is the stack of cardboard rounds that I used as separators. I cut the rounds in half and glued one half to each E-board section, then glued those sections together. I ended up not using the smallest units as the finished object would have been a bit larger then it was supposed to be, and I just didn't like the look, take your pick as to which was the actual deciding factor.  

Side view, showing white Side E-Board

Top down view from the Cardboard Colored side.

I have four images for you this week from my Illustration class. First two are from last week's class assignment of the berry basket, first my drawing of the basket.

Next my pen and ink version. Note these are all being done with quill pen points and bottled India Ink. Usually I prefer working with Technical type pens, not the real ones (too hard to take care of) but the disposable Micron's, the same as I use for my quilt labels, though of different tip sizes.

Over the weekend we were assigned two projects, one to reproduce a bottle that was part of a class hand out on various ways to use pen and ink, and the other was to finalize the drawing of a tool. My tool drawing is done, but inking the result is my homework for Wednesday's class so I will post the pictures next week. I did finish the bottle so I have the drawing and the pen and ink version images to show.

Pencil Sketch

Final Drawing Inked

I am not totally pleased with how this came out, I am finding myself getting impatient with the process and rushing it a bit, which isn't good. Still it isn't too bad an effort.

I was telling the instructor this morning, how I am finding myself a bit surprised at how I don't really like doing this type of drawing. I do and have always done what some might consider finicky detailed work, take the mandala, lots of detailed areas, and I had to do repeats, which does get a bit old. Still I don't have to use as much control to do those as I do when I do the illustrations. With illustration things need to be exact and tight, I am finding I don't enjoy working that way. Detail can be fun sometimes, maybe when I don't have to be quite so exact, I guess, have to think about this a bit more. I suppose it might just be the subject, but somehow I don't think so.

That is it for this post. I almost have my first Graphic Design I project done. I will have those printed this week so should have pictures for you next week at the latest. I also have a Fast Friday group challenge that I should be working on. That I am thinking about but not sure if/when I will finalize the design and actually sew. I am also making progress on another mandala, it might be far enough along to have an in-progress photo taken.  So there are several things in the works as it were, stay tuned for my next update, and as always comments are welcome.