Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photos to Share

Yesterday I took a quick trip into Boston with the purpose of taking photographs for my Photography Class. We are working on an assignment where we have to make some photos in the style of Andre Kertesz. Mr. Kertesz was born in Hungary migrating first to Paris then on the eve of the 2nd World War to America and NYC. He was an early adopter of the 35mm film camera and was one of those who developed the techniques of Photo Journalism. I think I have my photos for the assignment and will post them later in the week, but for today I want to post some other photos I have taken. Above is one I took yesterday along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. This is the park that is planted where the Central Artery used to be in Boston. Since Boston's Big Dig was a project to put that roadway underground it left the land above available for something. So far plans have called for making it into a park. Hopefully it will remain as one. These tulips were in full bloom yesterday and just beautiful. I hope the photograph captures that beauty, in the background you can see some of the other beds that were laid out.

This next photo I took a couple of weeks ago just as plants were starting to leaf out. This was taken in Brockton's Field's Park along the reservoir. The sun was shinning on these - well I guess they are flowers though I am not sure what the bush is, creating this soft glow. I used a shallow depth of field to have the flowers closest to us in focus but blurring the stems and leaves that are in the background. Other than cropping I haven't made any adjustments to the original image.

My last photo was also taken in Field's Park but this one was taken a couple of years ago during the summer. This is a photo of a blooming thistle against the water in the reservoir. For this image I not only cropped it but I did lighten it a bit so that the reflection of the trees in the water has more green, the dark line across the top of the photo is the far shore where the trees are standing.

I am not sure just where I stand on posting photographs to a blog. I am not going to start posting a photo a day as some have done. But I have taken some interesting photos and I do plan on taking more photos, which is partly why I took the class after all, so it doesn't make sense not to share them. So I expect that every now and then I will do a post like this one and share a few of the photos I have taken that I like the best.  As always comments are welcome.