Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drawings & Pencil Case

Above is a picture of more of the sewing I have been doing. I started this before Christmas intending to make at least one to have as a Christmas present for my great niece, but school homework didn't leave me a lot of time to sew so it didn't get done. I finally finished this one last weekend. It is based on some instructions I downloaded from the Quilting Arts Forums  Needless to say it isn't quite per their directions, I have a couple more slots then the pattern called for. Actually I was going to double the number of slots and then decided that it would probably make too large of a package so reduced the number. When I make the next one I will make more changes. I want to eliminate the button, so will attach 2 ribbons instead of just the one. My brush case uses two ties and it works very well so I don't see why it shouldn't work for my pencils. I used all batiks for mine and didn't try to color coordinate with pencil colors. My real problem is that I have way more then 12 pencils. Considering I have 3 different sets of colored pencils, two of which have approximately 72 colors I have a lot of pencils. Which is why I was interested in the pencil holders to begin with. I have no good way to take pencils with me when I want to draw away from home and I was hoping I could make this work for me. That is still an open question, but otherwise I think the holder is pretty so that is one plus for it. Here is an image of it closed up. The wrapping ribbon ends with a bunch of beads that help keep the package closed. I just pulled some beads out of the stash to make this.

Enough of the sewing, I was able to make it out to the drawing session again this week, so have some images from my sketch pad.  First is from one of the 2 minute warm up poses, not totally accurate, and not a lot of detail, but it has energy and I like it.

The last 3 images are from our 5 minute sessions.

Still not wonderful drawings I can see errors in all of them, but they aren't too bad considering. I have one more short pose session to attend then they will only be having long pose sessions on Monday nights for the next 2 months. That should be interesting since I don't paint. But I am enjoying meeting the models and the other artists who attend so I don't think I will stop going. Per usual comments are welcome.