Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life Drawings & Other

I will do the "other" images first then show off a couple of the life drawings I did last night. Above is a photo of the page spread in my Resume Booklet. The book I used for the photograph was one of my mock up pieces, so there are mistakes (which you aren't seeing) and I used different paper for the final version. But this image shows how the pages were laid out, though the final version does have the page numbers moved toward the center about a 1/4 of an inch, putting them in line with the red vertical rule. You can see where I made the holes for the thread in the Coptic Binding, though this isn't the center spread so you don't really see the thread itself.

Next Image for you is a photograph I took in the local park the other day. They have swans on the lake, I thought they had all mated pairs but I only saw this one on Monday so now I am not sure. Photo has been cropped but otherwise is as shot.

I think I have mentioned before that the Drawing Instructor at Massasoit has a studio fairly near me where he has life drawing sessions with models. I finally got my act together and went to the Tuesday night session last night. It was fun, though I am a bit rusty drawing a live model and a lot of the drawings I did aren't very good. Still I think I will be doing this again. It gets me out and about, and I get to practice my drawing, all good things. I  have 3 drawings for you, they all have their faults, we were doing short poses - starting with 2 minutes and going to 5 minutes so all I was trying to do was capture the energy in the pose and have body parts in the correct place and size relationships.

Our Model last night is a Belly Dancer so she is slender and very fit, which actually makes her a bit harder to draw. I think these are all 5 minutes poses done after I had warmed up a bit and before I got too exhausted.

On another front I have actually been doing some sewing, making a potholder. Right now I am thinking about doing a blog post on how I put the potholder together so that will probably be my next post, sometime later this week.

For now that is is. As always comments are welcome.