Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 12th Long Session

Another long pose drawing session last night. Thankfully yesterday wasn't as hot as last Monday so the studio wasn't too bad heat wise. Though I did get a bit warm toward the end of the session, all those lights, the ones on the model and the ones we use to light our drawing/painting surface make the studio heat up despite the AC. Our model last night was a pretty young blond woman. She was wearing a robe which of course ended up slightly different each time she took the pose. I had a very hard time with her hands, not totally sure why. I know why I had troubles with the left hand, she kept moving it and changing its position. I realized at the first break that she is a smoker and I have a feeling she was wanting a cigarette very badly during the first long session. She was driving me crazy, every time I would go to draw that hand she was moving it, ACK. The right hand I have no excuses about, for some reason I found the position tricky to draw.  Except for her left hand she held pose very well, esp with her head.  Sometime during our second pose session I switch over to my colored pencils, final drawing below.

Looking at the drawing now I realize her head position is a bit too forward, and I had issues with breast placement, in fact I was reworking some bits this morning, I probably should have left it alone, but it was looking very odd so... There are parts of this I like, her face, her hair, but... ah well each session is a learning experience, which is how I have to think of it.

That is it for this post. I have been busy working on more pencil holders, one day I should have enough to haul my Derwent pencils around with me, which is my goal. Otherwise I have started sketching another Sketchbook page, but need to get it finished before I post it here and elsewhere.

Per usual comments welcome.