Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 19 Long Session

Another Monday night modeling session has come and gone. For a bit last night I was concerned that the session had been called off and I didn't know about it, the models were late arriving. Fortunately one of the other artists was also there and he said there hadn't been anything on the blog about canceling so we just waited. A bit ironic that they were late because it turned out to be the most well attended session that I have been to. Not only were the usual group of men there (about 4) but we had 3 additional women, one who I have met before, a pair who I hadn't met, and then 3 younger women arrived. So not counting the model there were 12 of us there at one point. They young women didn't stay for the whole session, but then they had brought charcoal for sketching and that can get a bit old fairly quickly esp. with a long pose. Which is one reason why I have been doing pencil drawings instead.

We certainly had mixed media last night, one woman with pastels, one man doing a watercolor piece, several oil painters, a couple of us with colored pencils, and the young women with charcoal.

I had met last nights model previously, but not as a model, she was at one of the short pose sessions drawing. I fear I didn't capture her face very well, she is actually Asian, and I think you don't get that from the drawings. I came closer with the graphite drawing above then with the colored pencil drawing, oh well. Next week is the last week of long poses being run by the models, we will have David the male model from the 2nd session back, so that should be fun. Then starting in Aug. Scott will be back and I will have to decide which session I want to attend, long poses, or short. I am thinking at at least for August I may let the weather forecast decide. I don't want to haul the large paper tablet up the stairs if it is going to be hot.

Below is the colored pencil drawing from last night session: Earlier I rather liked it, but now I am not so sure, so either the photo doesn't do it justice or I am just seeing issues I hadn't noticed before. Probably a combination.

I have two more images to post. The weather was a bit cooler today (only in the low 80's) and I spent all afternoon out and about. First having an excellent lunch and then heading over to the Blue Hills Trailside Museum for some picture taking.  First photo was taken there, some black(brown) eyed susans:

If I had a telephoto lens for the camera I might have been able to get a good photo of a ruby throated humming bird, as I saw several feeding this afternoon, once the male came, usually I just see the females. But without the lens I didn't even try to make any photos. I also saw house finches, a female cardinal,  titmice, a nuthatch, and goldfinches, along with various sparrows and morning doves. It was fun.  

The second photo was taken at a landscaped area in the Brockton park. I believe these are Cosmos, I also photographed a lot of different colored day lilies, some very striking. Maybe for a different post I will include some of those.

That is it for this post. Per usual comments are welcomed.