Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 30 Figure Drawing

Above is last nights figure drawing. I am not overly happy with it. I had a hard time with her face and am still not happy with the result. Not my best work. My excuse is that I was tired, I hadn't slept all that well the night before. I think I need to work on my drawings more this week.

It is going to be hot hot hot, here today, for the 2nd day in a row, actually I think it is supposed to be hot for the rest of the week, hot is temps in the 90's, though I have to admit that the apt. didn't get that hot yesterday, so for me it wasn't too bad. The only plus side of this heat is that the humidity isn't 100%, which makes it a bit easier to bear.  Still since it was nice and cool last week I know I am not the only one who was hoping the 90 degree temps were over for the season. Oh well, tomorrow is Sept. 1st so summer is almost over and the high temps should be moving out.

Here on the eastern seaboard we are all keeping an eye on Earl, currently a category 4 hurricane. It has been quite a few years since we had a hurricane come ashore here in MA, and I am really hoping that all we get from Earl is a good drenching. Should know a bit more later today and definitely by tomorrow what Earl's track will be. If Earl does end up tracking to make landfall here in MA. it will hopefully have lost some strength. We have had some bad storms in the past few years so with luck it won't be as damaging as Gloria was way back in 1985.

My second drawing for you today is from my sketchbook, and is a sketch done from a photo I took down at the Cape Cod Canal park area. A man riding a bicycle on the pathway. It is pretty sketchy, but I am trying to do more compositional pieces such as figure groupings and landscapes with people. I am getting fairly good with single portraits or figures, human or animal, and think it is time to try and do more complex compositions.

That is it for today, I will post my latest Sketchbook project page in a couple of days since I finally colored in my Hermit Crab. I also have a new ATC card to show off. In the meantime comments are welcome.