Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept. 6 Session

Sorry to be a day late posting this, the computer needed some updates yesterday and I spent most of the day taking care of that. Above is the drawing I did Monday evening. Some parts I like and some I don't. The head isn't right, I had it too large and when I tried to adjust it, I caused other issues. Still think the size isn't quit right. I need to do more drawing between the weekly sessions. My excuse is last week was just so darn hot until Friday that I had no interest in doing anything. This week should be better and I am hoping to motivate myself to get some more drawings done.  Her feet are a bit sketchy because she had her sneakers underneath, and I didn't want to draw them, though I supposed I should have, it would have made an amusing addition to the drawing. Many of the other artists simply leave the feet out, making the painting a 3/4 view, and cutting the model off at the knees, so to speak. Others do what I did and mainly just sketch them in without a lot of detail. 

I have been working on some more ATC's, so far I have finished only one I semi like. I am thinking about doing a short series and will post results later this week. 

Oh hurricane  Earl turned out to be a non-event. After wards one heard from the vocal minority who complained about the inaccuracy of the weather forecasters. I think they should be grateful that the storm lost power more quickly then the forecasters expected and ended up a Tropical Storm by the time it hit our coasts and not  a category 2 or higher storm. Other than some rain I didn't notice it at all. The rest of our weekend was lovely.

Well that is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome.