Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Fall Photographs

I was able last Tuesday to get out in the afternoon for a walk and to make some photographs. A good thing as we had another storm come through, and that took down most of the leaves that had turned colors. There are a few pockets of fall color left but not many, so enjoy these photos. Above is a tree in my neighborhood, a lovely old maple all red and orange. 

These gold trees are along the walkway at the bottom of the town reservoir. The Building to the left through the branches is a pumping house.   I was out towards the end of the afternoon and you can see how the west sun lights up the leaves.

I rather liked the contrast of the red leaves against the yellow/orange of the trees across the water. They were lit by the sun and seem to just glow. 

By the time I made this photo the sky was clouding over and the light wasn't as good, still you can see the lovely red of the leaves on the tree to the left. I did use Photoshop to adjust the light in the last photograph, the others are only cropped as I had enough light when I was shooting.