Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 4th Drawing and other stuff

Above is last nights drawing. Not my best, but not my worst either. I actually like some sections, face torso. But I really need to spend more time with feet and hands, not to mention that the leg that is so foreshortened just doesn't read right. Oh well, no additional comments, from me anyway. Sorry for the photo quality, it is raining here today so I had to photograph inside and used the flash. I may replace this when we get sun again and I can get outside to make a better photograph. This is actually my second try. For the first attempt I had the camera on the wrong setting and the resulting image was so yellow it was funny looking. Granted the paper I use isn't pure white but the photograph was so yellow that it looked strange. Just a FYI don't use the portrait setting on your camera to photograph art work. The above was taken with the landscape setting (which is the one I usually use) and is much better color wise. * UPDATE - I replaced the referenced photo with a new on 10/12/10

I have a couple of ATC's that I finished this past week for you this week also. I had though I was done with hearts, but one day while just playing in one of my sketchbooks I drew what is the center heart in the card below and though that it might be fun to work with. Then when I was drawing the card, I though a single heart isn't much of a design so I need to draw more then one, how about if I draw them so they looked like they are linked together, two led to three which led to a couple more. So here are my chained hearts. The background is pen work, more or less free formed doodles, geometric for outside the hearts and curves/organic for inside. I used colored pencils to fill in the heart and give the card some punch.

Chained Hearts #1
 I liked the first attempt, but wondered how this concept would work in a landscape mode. I also wanted to try a different background. So for the 2nd card I used landscape (sideways) and stippled the background. The background takes a heck of a lot longer to do when I stipple it, but I really like the look and various textures I was able to achieve by the use of stippling. I like this one so well that I have started a larger piece. Hope to have it for you next week.
Chained Hearts #2
That is it for today's post. I did another study in the sketchbook but don't think will post it today. I am also doing a bit of work on a Challenge quilt, no major progress on that, but who know how motivated I will be in the next few days. Comments per usual are welcome. Let me know how you like the hearts.