Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29 Drawing plus

Hope everyone here in the States had a good Thanksgiving. That you were able to celebrated in a manner that you enjoyed. I visited with a friend and her family and enjoyed good food in a sufficient quantity, but thankfully managed to not stuff myself. I sort of wish I could have brought home some leftover turkey, but with the crowd that was there there really wasn't much left after everyone had eaten. Ah well my sister will probably have Turkey for Christmas so I will get to indulge then.

Above is last nights drawing. It was a good session with again a largish group, but thankfully no surprise power outages. Scott seems to have pulled in some additional artists who are hanging around. I was in a slightly different position last night, almost directly in front of the model. I think I like the drawing though I am concerned that I may have made her head a bit too large. Ah well, there is always next week. I am getting faster with these drawings, and found time to do the pen and ink sketch below.

This isn't very good, but I though you might enjoy seeing it anyway. The problem is that I can't erase pen, and I am still making errors when I start a figure drawing. Pencil lets me erase until I get it right, though I am not doing quite as much of that as I was originally I still need to  make corrections to my figure each week before I settle to doing the detailed drawings. Anyway I am trying to be more playful with the pen and ink work. As accurate as possible but I also want to do some exploring as to how to use this medium to draw the figure.  Not even close to where I want to be just yet, but I will keep trying.

Below is a drawing that I have been working on for several weeks. It is pen and ink done with my technical pens. Very few drawn lines most of the work was done using the stipple technique. The ATC I posted a couple of weeks ago was a sneak peak and some of the designs used in the border.
The outer border is based on some Art Nouveau borders in my Dover book, except for the dragonflies in the corners. Those are based on real dragonflies that I downloaded reference photos to create. The center section are wild iris done from another reference photograph. I thought about using color pencil on the iris and then decided to leave them black and white. I can always change my mind but I don't think I will.

Time to design another drawing to work on. Though right now I have do clue what I want to do. I am sure something will come to me soon. Otherwise I really need to get my last challenge quilt done. I should have had it done last week, but got sidetracked with Thanksgiving and reading and... So that is it for today's post. Per usual comments are welcome.