Friday, February 18, 2011

ATC House Swap

Today I have scans of my last 2 ATC's made for the House swap I am involved with on the Milliande Art Community site. Above is a "grass shack". I created a composite design from the various reference images I was able to find on the web. My tropical spot is found only in my mind. Still a week or so ago it would have been the perfect vacation spot considering how cold it was here in the northeast. At least we are finally getting some warmer weather so snow is actually melting. Makes it ugly to look at, but having wider roads is a good trade off if you ask me.

The card was done by making a sketch in pencil, then I inked some of the lines with one of my technical pens, and used colored pencils to add the color.

Above is my last card for the swap. A bird house with an Eastern Bluebird coming in for a landing. The bird house is from my imagination, but I did use a photograph as a reference for the bird.  Done the same way as the card above, pen and ink outlines with colored pencils for the color. Both cards have been sprayed with a clear finish.

My last image for today is my latest pen and ink work of an animal. In this case it is actually three animals, a Hen with 2 chicks.

For this piece I kept the background relatively simple. Though I am not sure I am totally done with it. I will have to live with it for a few days before I decide. As I look at the above scan I realize there is an area that I am not happy with. If I make major changes I will update the blog so stay tuned.

Since I need to go out to mail the ATC's I am going to make this post short. Per usual comments are welcome. Hope everyone is having a good week.