Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where is Spring?

Above is my drawing from last evenings session. There are many things about this drawing that I am not happy with. I don't like to blame the model, but our model last night really had 3 different poses, a different pose after each break. The difference between the positions might have felt slight to her, but was significant for me, since she changed arm, hand, leg positions and as she slumped more into the chair my view of her torso. About the only part of the pose that stayed the same was her head. So I concentrated on getting a good likeness. I should have complained but no one else seemed to notice, and this was probably our last long session with this model so... I just let it go. She is recently engaged and will be moving out to Los Vegas. The men may miss her, she is amply endowed, but I have to admit that I won't.  Enough said.

The blog title today is referencing the weather which has been cold for March. We have been having sun which is lovely, but it has been chilly during the day and is still going below freezing over night. They were even talking snow for the first of April, but I gather things have changed and now there is only a chance of rain on Friday. I will take the rain, I have lived through snow on April 1st, 15 inches of heavy wet stuff. That was no fun. So here in New England we are all still waiting for signs of spring to show up hope your weather is better. I do have to say that the skiers must be thrilled by this extended season.

OK, time to change the subject again, below is the drawing I was working on over the weekend, Geranium with cat in a window.

I had fun doing this one, but now I am feeling critical, the flower pot is still too large, and the cat should probably be a bit larger in relation to the flowers, though geraniums can be in largish pots. Faults that I wouldn't have made if I was living with a cat and had it as a model. Oh well, as I said I still had fun doing this one and hope you enjoy viewing it. The image size is slightly larger, a 5 inch square instead of the 4 inches I usually work with.

My last image for today isn't of my art work, but is of the ATC cards I finally received as part of the ATC House swap I took part in. My cards are on Blog's ATC page if you haven't seen them. I want to thank our swap Hostess for running the swap, and Cindy Skillman, Beth Gould, and Mary Larner for their artistic skills on the cards I received. Cindy created the bottom two cards, Beth's is the top right card and Mary made the top left card. Again thanks to all for some lovely work.

That is it for today's post. Per usual comments are welcome. Also just as an aside I have been adding some of my recent artwork to my Esty Store, I intend to add all of it eventually, should anyone be interested.