Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June, flowers, drawings and dragonflies

Hmm, well I have to laugh at myself, my images are actually in reverse order to today's posting title. Above are the dragonflies. When I am not in the mood to work on something that requires a lot of concentration on my part I often draw my Zentangle type images. Above is one I started to give me a break between drawing sessions on the colored pencil Fall Berries. It is a bit of whimsy since I added the houses and the two dragonflies to the in-progress drawing. I didn't have any particular story in mind, things just developed as I went along, making art is supposed to be fun after all.

Before I painted the blue sky background I covered a lot of areas with frisket. After the blue had dried I went in, removed the frisket and then painted all the detail areas. Using the frisket leaves me with some white areas, but since I mixed the blue I can't really go in and match the paint so I just left them. On the plus side I don't have brush strokes going around things, which I don't like to see, so I will probably do this again on other small works.

Below is my drawing from last night.

Scott is off to school so one of his models is running the sessions. Last night we had a new model, an older woman who works with our Session Mgr. Actually it was kind of fun to draw a not perfect body. The young skinny models can be hard to draw.

I was concerned when I first arrived that we wouldn't have enough artists to pay for the model, but things worked out as more people arrived for the session. In reality it was a good thing people were running late as the Model had never been to the studio and got a bit lost so was late. Not a big deal, I finished as much as I wanted to draw in our allotted time, and she was great about holding pose.

Yesterday before I went to the modeling session I went over to North River in Marshfield, MA. to make some photographs. Most I will post to the flickr site, but I really love the colors and textures in the above photograph so wanted to share it with you. This is actually a close up of a Hosta flower stock just starting to grow. I cropped the photo to focus your eye on the  flower buds with the edges of two leaves showing.

That is it for today. Thanks to those who commented on my last blog entry, and per usual I appreciate any who take the time to comment on any of my posts.