Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everyday Objects and Butterflies

The camera and I have been housebound since last Friday. Well I could have gone out Saturday, but I was exhausted from the previous two days so spent it recovering instead. Being inside I though I would do some more sketching for the Sketchbook Challenge August Theme.

The drawing above is of a planter I have. A friend gave this to me years ago and I have always loved the face. I don't actually put a plant in the planter, I keep the plant (an ivy) in a pot that slips into the hole but otherwise it does serve its purpose. I have to keep it on a plate as it is made of a porous material that leaks water on my table top if I don't.

I have also spent some time working on the Ferns, below is an updated scan of progress.

Mostly I have been focusing on the background areas. Still lots of works to do on this before it will be finished, but so far I am pleased with my progress. I also continue to like the soft gray color of the paper in contrast to the black stipple work.

Below is last nights figure drawing:

Not a lot of artists turned out for this session, just the usual standbys. We had a "rare" summer nor'easter yesterday, chilly, with periods of downpours and a heavy drizzle the rest of the time. The ground was dry enough that they didn't issue any flood warnings other than for roadways, so the rain was needed.

Last nights pose looks deceptively simple, but was not quite so easy to draw. The model is a lovely slender young woman with blond hair. I know I didn't do a good job on her hair, and am also dubious about the hands and feet. Still I enjoyed the evening out despite the rain.

Because I haven't been out with the camera since my last post I thought I would share a couple of my recent butterfly photographs with you.

The above is a Purple Red Spotted Butterfly. Well I think that is what it is, even though mine only has a couple of red spots and no purple (that I could see). I made this photograph last Thursday in the Great Blue Hills Reservation over by Houghton's Pond. I was actually on a path through some trees when I saw this one flitting along, it obligingly settled in the only patch of sun light for me to make the photograph.

The above photo was made last Friday at Long Pasture Sanctuary on Cape Cod. I have been totally unsuccessful identifying the species. It is one of the pair I showed you in my last posting, just a different photograph. Ah well, I keep hoping I will figure it out one of these days. More butterfly photos are posted in the Insect Album on my Flickr Account.

That is it for today, per usual comments are always welcome.