Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A bird, flowers and a figure

Above is another Artist Trading Card. This time the flower is a pink phlox, at least I think that is what it is. I can't recall where I made the photograph I used as reference, but the wild flower Dames Rocket, which this resembles has only 4 petals not 5. My critical self tells me that I should have made the flower larger. Maybe I will redraw this one and do exactly that, otherwise I think it is fairly successful, I really do like the combination of green and pink.

The hen in the above drawing is from a photograph I made last summer down on the Cape. For some reason she looks mean, though I don't recall that the actual bird displayed any mean behavior, in other words she didn't chase me.

This has been drawn in one of my sketchbooks and was done mainly for practice. I have a larger drawing of chickens that has been just sitting for way too long, I should really get back to it.

Above is last nights figure drawing. Other than I was working a bit small last night I am rather pleased with it. At least I am much happier with this drawing than I was with last weeks. I need to remember to try and work larger with my drawings, that way I don't have to put in quite so much of the background.

The one area I am not pleased with is the left arm/hand which was draped over the couch. I had two problems, she kept slightly changing the hand/arm position and I just couldn't seem to draw a natural looking hand last nigh. Since I did fine with the right hand I have no clue why the left was giving me so many problems. Another something to work on next week.

The above photo was made in Brockton's Fields Park, in March 2009, and slightly later in the month. Again I haven't made it out to one of the sanctuaries or State Parks to walk and photograph since my last update. Yesterday was cold, though sunny and I decided I just didn't want to walk in the cold and wind. Despite the past couple of days it has been so warm that I expect to see trees in about this stage of Spring growth when I next venture out which should be tomorrow or Thursday.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.