Saturday, April 21, 2012

EDM, Pen and ink work with flowers

As has become my habit on this second of my weekly posts I am including a drawing from the Everyday Matters Challenge list. Above is #43: draw something china or ceramic. My drawing is of a china cat.

I don't like to think how many years I have owned this cat. My mother gave it to me when I was in High School, I believe it was an Easter gift, and I was surprised because I wasn't expecting anything, having outgrown Easter egg hunts. Anyway it is a white china cat, and I have always felt it was particularly graceful and very cat like.

This second image is of a pen and ink drawing for the April WetCanvas Pen and Ink forum challenge. This is  from a photo of an apple with some grapes. Just goes to show that sill life's don't have to elaborate to be effective. That said simple shapes not always so simple to draw, this drawing is my 2nd attempt at this photo, and I feel this is much better than my first attempt. Course per usual the longer I look at it the more I see wrong. Done on Stonehenge paper with a 005 micron pen.

Above is my finished pen and ink drawing that I posted a work in progress of on a previous post. The end result isn't quite as elaborate as the original pencil sketch, and I may revisit that sketch to see where else it might take me. No reason why I can't play with it a bit more, and I am not sure I have completely explored the ideas expressed there.

I am calling this Gaia's Garden. You can use your imagination as to what she is growing, I think something cosmic. Done with technical pens on Stonehenge paper.

By the way for those of you who might be into Zentangles, I don't consider this one. Why you may ask, well first I don't totally fill my space with patterns, second I don't start with "strings", and last but not least I don't use their pattern reference books as guides for my fills. That said, do I copy fills I have seen elsewhere including real Zentangles, yes of course I do. With mark making there isn't much that is really new and borrowing ideas is acceptable.

I am ending this post with a photo of some flowers on a bush that I made this past week at Stonybrook, a MA Audubon sanctuary in Norfolk, MA. I am not sure what the flowers are but isn't the color beautiful, a sort of rosy coral color. I do love spring with the renewal of life and color here in the northern hemisphere.

One last photo, also made at Stonybrook. These are Marsh Marigolds. Prior to this week it had been years since I last saw blooming Marsh Marigolds, they are a wild flower that blooms in early spring in marshy/damp areas. Love the lemony yellow color, and unlike many wild flowers the blooms are fairly large.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are always welcome. I am working on a colored pencil piece and will probably have a WIP photo for you next week.