Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nature Journal, Figure and WIP

If this is Tuesday then it must be time for another blog update. But I fear I don't have a lot of new material today, hope you enjoy what I do have.

Above is my Nature Journal spread from a week ago Monday's visit to Daniel Webster. Though I visited Stonybrook (another MA Audubon Sanctuary) also last week I didn't write in the journal, so saved the Daniel Webster pages for today. Photographs and comments about the Stonybrook visit are on my previous post.

Actually the Daniel Webster visit was quite wonderful. I saw a Glossy Ibis, the image I used for the bottom drawing above. It was really a beautiful bird, I only wish I had a lens for the camera that would have allowed me to make some good photographs. Oh well you will have to make do with the sketch, or if you want to see what they really look like you can visit here. The bird I saw had a copper brownish head and back. But was too far into the pond for my camera. I mostly observed using my field glasses, and I spent quite a long time observing it as it was feeding around the edges of the various small islands. I also observe some other smaller wading birds but I have no clue what they were, too far for me to ID, with my limited knowledge.

The top image in the above spread is of a woodchuck fleeing my arrival at the Fox Hill observation deck. It was hot that Monday (into the 80's) so not a lot of visitors were walking out to Fox Hill. The animal was taking advantage of the quiet to dine on some new plant growth along the fence. I only manage one photograph of its rear running away from me. It disappeared into a rock pile and I am sure it just waited for me to leave before it resumed its meal. I was out there to see if I could observe the Ospreys, but I think only the female was there sitting on her nest, and I didn't really identify her.

Above is the work in progress image of my latest colored pencil effort. Not quite finished, and to be honest I am not totally sure where it is going from what you see here. So far I am having fun working on this. The main image started as a doodle in my sketchbook, I rather liked the shapes so decided to play with it a bit. I am working on Stonehenge paper with primarily Derwent pencils.

Above is last nights figure drawing. The model is wearing a jacket that she is making for herself. In a way it is a pity that I don't work in color as the jacket was quite colorful and very fun. I only broadly sketched it as every time she resumed her pose (which she actually held wonderfully well) the fabric would fall different ways. I am not happy with her right hand, and the leg folded under her is only semi successful. Ah well, there is always next week.

Above is a flowering tree that I photographed out at Daniel Webster last week. Not sure what it is, some kind of ornamental Cherry I think, anyway I rather like the photograph showing the still bare white birch trees in the background and the still golden fall grasses on the ground. You can see hints of green here and there. Yesterday I did notice that the flowers are gone and the tree is now leafing out and turning green.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are always welcome.