Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to some Stipple projects

Above is a small stipple project that I will probably make into a bookmark. The image is of a sparrow looking up with mouth open. It is from a photograph I made of sparrows feeding at my new bird feeder. I have a feeling I caught the bird in mid chirp, certainly not an image I usually capture. Done on Stonehenge paper size is 2 x 6 inches.

Doing the sparrow reminded me that I love doing stipple work. So I went through my photo images and came up with one of flowers that I have been meaning to do something with but haven't. The flowers are Bladder Campion and they were blooming down at Massasoit State Park over a year ago now. I love the photo and hopefully will be able to make a nice stipple work out of it. So far it is just sketched in. I will have to do a review of the drawing to make sure I don't want to make any corrections, but I think it is good. This will be a long term project as the image is fairly large for a stipple piece about 7 x 9 inches.

Above is a Nature Journal page from a visit to Daniel Webster October 8th (last Monday). Drawings are of a fern frond that I haven't yet spent the time to identify, but eventually I plan on doing that. A more delicate looking fern than my last one was.

The middle image is my standard tree stump, showing that the water level in the Panne is climbing, still has a ways to go, but it was higher last week than the week before and we have had more rain so it should still be getting higher and not dropping.

Bottom image is of some orange mushrooms growing out of a tree stump. The tree had been cut up/down earlier this summer, I believe it was not only dead but had fallen across the path. They left the cut wood in the woods to decay but it was probably easier to clear the path by cutting it up. Trees that fall but don't obstruct paths are just left as they are to decay. We have since had a light frost so I doubt I will be seeing too many more mushrooms this fall.

Photograph of a field with edging of trees at Daniel Webster. Not a lot of color so far this year, but I thought this view was rather pretty.

Above is a late blooming goldenrod. I just like the colors here, yellow and various shaded of green. This was also photographed at Daniel Webster.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are always welcome.