Friday, October 12, 2012

Goslings, Mushrooms and a Figure Dwg.

My current in-process drawing is of a pair of Canada Geese Goslings. They are several weeks old, so not the cute fluffy yellow down chicks one thinks of. These guys are actually starting to fledge some more adult feathers/colors, and were shades of grey with no yellow. Drawing is from a photograph I made earlier this past summer.

I am not terribly excited by this drawing. Don't get me wrong it is a challenge and I think a good subject, it just doesn't excite me. Not totally a good thing as I can easily be distracted when my subject doesn't excite me so I make no promises about when this will get done.

Above is my Nature Journal page from a visit to Daniel Webster a week ago Monday. We had had several days of rain so the water level in the panne was higher. Which is why I drew the tree stump, though it may be tricky to tell from my drawing that the water level was higher.

On that Monday I walked a bit further down one of the paths than I usually go. Good thing I did as I was able to locate the leaf and acorn from a Black Oak Tree. Both are similar to the Scarlet Oak tree. The acorn is a bit flatter on the bottom, and the leaf is in a way simpler.

My last drawing is of a small mushroom clump I found in the Oak grove. Finally it has been wet enough that the mushrooms are fruiting. I find mushrooms fascinating so please bear with my indulging myself with some drawings of them. I will try to not bore visitors with too many pictures. I have mentioned this before but want to repeat, I do NOT harvest mushrooms in the wild, I do love to eat them, but I know I am not enough of an expert to dare harvesting wild mushrooms. Not to mention that at Mass Audubon sites nothing is supposed to be picked or harvested, though occasionally I will pick a leaf and one this day I did pick up an acorn.

Above is Monday's figure drawing. And yes she was actually wearing a dress and shoes. Well, we all can use a  change every now and then and this was our change for Monday Night.

The drawing is OK, but I have a feeling I have something slightly wrong, maybe I made that right hand a bit too large. Ah well, there are some areas I like so I guess that compensates.

My two photos today come from two different locations. The one above is from Daniel Webster, one of the red maples that hangs over the South River was turning bright red in spots.

This second photograph was made at Broadmoor, another MA Audubon location and shows some mushrooms growing out of a mossy log. These are very small mushrooms, but I find the type interesting, and love to photograph them. If anyone has any idea what they actually are I would love to know. Because mushrooms are usually found in the woods in deep shade I usually use the flash for my photographs. I would rather not, but it is hard to get a clear image if I don't.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome. Need to go work on my goslings, or maybe something else.