Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pen and Ink, figures and another Christmas Tag

Above is something I was playing with over the weekend. A very small (4 x 4 inches) pen and ink drawing that I added watercolor pencil to then applied water. Imaginary flowers, with an imaginary sun. The sun looks a bit like something I did earlier this year but it wasn't really intentional, I needed something to fill up that space and the sun shape fit the bill. Fun to do but not very serious.

I have been working on a wreath in Adobe Illustrator and finally got it done over the weekend. I added the bow from the original pole file and then swapped the larger bow for the wreath and bow on the post. I think I will play with putting just the wreath on a tag, but was thinking about adding some pine cones first and I need to draw them.

Been having fun doing these, just need to get out to Staples and get some printed on heavy stock.

OK, it is confession time. I have to admit that for several weeks (about a month) I was ignoring the short pose figure drawings I was doing. Ignoring in the sense that I wasn't going through them, selecting the ones I liked best and then making photographs. Because I got way behind I had to play catch up, and when I did I ended up confusing dates. I am now fairly sure that the drawings I posted last week were really from August sessions. I only attended a couple of sessions in August, and then I did skip another session toward the beginning of Sept. which also hasn't helped me to keep track of when drawings were actually made.

Oh well it really doesn't matter, I am fairly sure the I am showing them in the order in which they were drawn but...  if I have gotten some of them mixed up, please forgive me.

Model in the above drawings was from several weeks ago, I know they were done in Sept. just not entirely sure of the date. Top images are 2 minute poses, bottom grouping were a bit longer, 5 to 10 minutes. I am not terribly pleased with this series. I think I had skipped the previous week and didn't feel on my game. She had a really interesting face and so I tended to focus too much on that and not enough on the whole pose, ugh.

This model was from 2 weeks ago, and I should really be posting drawings of a male model instead, more date confusion I fear. Since last weeks model was also male I will just post the 2 together next week and let it go at that.

The model for these drawings is a lovely slender young woman. Meaning I had some difficulties drawing her. Still some of these I really like so I guess I am getting my chops back.

Just one photograph today, and it is one that I made back in Sept. It is an American Copper butterfly on some blooming sedum. The camera was about at eye level of the butterfly so the image is from the front of the head. Not how I am normally trying to make my photographs. Usually I want spread wings, but I rather like this image. 

That is it for today. Hope everyone has a great week, and if you feel in the mood comments are welcome.