Friday, February 14, 2014

Animals and a Laundry-mat View

Happy Valentines day to all. Not a holiday I usually make much of as I don't have any of the usual suspects to celebrate with, but had some images I could post so decided to go ahead and update the blog.

The cat in the above drawing may be familiar as I used a photograph I posted here for reference. Done with graphite in my sketchbook I didn't spend too long creating this fairly quick sketch of a sleeping cat. Since this photograph was made we have had a couple more snow storms and the open grass is now covered with at least a couple inches of snow. Poor cat will have a harder time finding a good spot for a nap outside, though it was above freezing today and we did get some rain yesterday/last night, they are forecasting more snow tomorrow. Winter this year seems very long, it has certainly been a real winter with snow and cold.

Above is another of my pen and ink drawings of the WetCanvas Pen and Ink forum February Challenge photographs. This one obviously a Rhino. I sketched it out first with graphite then used my technical pens to add lines and shadows. Body is a bit too long, but I am rather pleased with the head.

What strange ears Rhino's have, a bit like pigs ears but longer and more tube like. They really are the strangest looking animals, too bad people seem to think their horns are magic, this is a species that when extinct won't leave anything comparable alive on Earth.

Above is a sketch done with a brown ink pen of a row of washing machines at a local laundry-mat. Not the best drawing, but does sort of look like the machines I was looking at this morning while waiting for my load of laundry to finish. Clean clothes are nice, just wish I didn't have to haul them around to get the deed done. There weren't many others doing their laundry this morning so I had to draw machines and not people, maybe on another occasion I will have people to draw.

I made this photograph Tuesday evening. You can see the almost full moon rising over the top of a church. I am not sure which denomination build this church, looks like Greek or Eastern Orthodox to me, but it isn't an active church, meaning no congregation is currently using it for services so there isn't a name to offer a clue.

The sky behind the church was pinking up as it was getting close to sunset, rather odd that it was so colorful as this is an eastern sky and the sun was setting behind my back.

I will say I would be happier with this photograph if it didn't have the electrical/telephone wires, but I couldn't have gotten this view of the front of the church with the moon if I had moved to another position. I suppose I could use Photoshop to remove them, but I was a bit daunted by the bricks in the church, and decided to not spend the time even trying.

I am still working on the chipmunk drawing, it is coming along, but not done yet.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.