Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bookmark, pen and ink and a dwg. start

Haven't seemed to be very productive in past few of days. I did manage to do the above pen and ink sketch of a braid of garlic. Just drew it with one of my technical pens and am fairly happy with how it came out. At least it looks like a garlic braid to me.

Did manage to work on a new heart bookmark. It is actually a replacement for the bookmark I posted in my last update, I had a moment of inattention and when I came to, I realized I had punched the hole for the tassel braid at the bottom of the bookmark instead of the top. So started over, even though this one will be too late for Valentines day. Ah well such is life, and I wasn't totally happy with the other one any way so I guess it isn't the worst that could happen.

I prefer the hearts drawn on this one to the other, but am not sure about the background. I realized I didn't like the little circles with the hearts, or maybe it was the all over grey color that didn't appeal, whatever I decided to try something different. Simple lines that said they needed some further decoration. The only problem is I think the background is now overpowering the hearts. Maybe I will try for a third, don't they say third time is the charm?

While I was coloring this bookmark with my colored pencils I did notice that the temperature in the room seems to affect how well the pencils will lay down color, the warmer it is the easier it is to apply the color. The other evening it was cool in the apt. and I seemed to have to really use pressure to apply any color, today (with sun coming in the windows) the apt. temp is higher and the color seemed to just flow on without that much pressure. Something to think about, but not something I can totally control, oddly enough it was the Polychromes which are oil based that seem the most affected.

I have two in-process projects, one is a new watercolor that also has some ink work on it, and the 2nd is this drawing of a chipmunk. I have drawn this reference photo before in my sketchbook, but this one is on good paper (Stonehenge) and I will take my time with it. So far just the outline of the chipmunk, and some work on the fence posts.

One thing I have been doing is spending time on the WetCanvas Watercolor forum and reading about mixing colors with watercolor paint, what colors are basic and that Artist grade is usually better than student grade. Oh yes that my portable watercolor box probably contains student grade pans. I now have a list of colors that I need to think about purchasing if I am really going to continue to explore watercolor. Also on my next visit to the Library I may look to see if they have any books on watercolor painting.

From a walk the other day, this tree with snow on its branches. Our weather has been consistently cold so we haven't had much melting from the snow storm last week. This photograph was made a couple of days after the storm and you can still see the snow on the branches, haven't been out so am not sure if I would still see snow this way, it is certainly still on the ground.

That it is for today, a bit more text than art, but I think all of go through such cycles, anyway comments are welcome.