Sunday, April 20, 2014

Anemones, Dancers and Easter Greetings

Another WetCanvas challenge image, this is for the April Floral and Botanical forum challenge which is due the 25th. It is a watercolor of a pair of anemones the theme flower for the month based on a reference photograph provided by another forum member.

Pink is actually a tricky color to paint since there is no such thing as pink paint in the watercolor world, you dilute red to the point where it looks pink on paper. Mostly used my new Magenta paint on these with a dash of another Red. Background color is Payne's Gray and Ultramarine blue. They are OK, but I am not thrilled with the results, as I said pink is tricky.

When I started this the image in my mind was of two dolls dancing away the night. Toy Story the movie was simply extending to the movies from literature what most Children are totally ready to believe, that their toys come alive and live their own adventures when their owners aren't around. After all isn't that the underlying theme of the Nutcracker, and the poem of the of the battle between the Calico Cat and the Gingham Dog? Both stories were written in the 1800's.

Anyway once drawn I had fun first coloring in their clothes then adding details to the background of the table and chair. There should be another chair but I wasn't in the mood to draw it, what can I say. Note her dress has polka-dots on it so I am coming round again to the Sketchbook challenge theme for April. This was done first with pencil, then inked with a technical pen and then colored pencil was added.

To my Christian readers I want to wish you a Happy Easter on this 20th of April 2014. I drew this Easter card this morning, including the traditional Easter Lily, a rising sun and a couple of Chicks. The lily is long standing symbol in the Christian faith originally associated with Mary in the Medieval Church and now since around the 2nd world war by the plants on Easter.

The rising sun is when Jesus was discovered to have risen from his tomb and the chicks are a symbol for the renewal of life. Not really a very Christian symbol but I wanted to put them in. Pen and ink with Colored Pencil in my sketchbook.

My closing image is of a blooming star magnolia. The brownish areas on the petals are from the cold nights we had this past week, even though the flowers hadn't opened some of the petals were damaged by the cold. On a more positive note I saw some forsythia starting to bloom yesterday, didn't manage a photo but will try to get one next week. Oh the bloom was sideways so the image is in the correct position.

That is for today, per usual comments are welcome.