Saturday, February 14, 2015

An Ink Valentine and other Works

In honor of Valentines day I though I would do a quick inked valentine. So above is a paper pieced and quilted heart but done with pen and ink not fabric. I used the black dash lines to represent quilting, and the "fabrics" were drawn using all of my various pink/red pens. They are loosely based on fabrics I have worked with over the years, but were drawn from my imagination.

I have so not been sewing, but many of my friends have been so I thought this would amuse them. It is fairly small only 4 x 4 inches on Bristol board.

Otherwise what I was working on was adding color to this pen and ink pattern piece that I showed in the last blog update, Not totally sure about the colors, it was going in a bit of a different direction and I didn't like how it was looking so the red made its appearance. It certainly livens things up.

Again this is only 4 inches square, inking was done with a dip pen and sepia acrylic ink, colors are various colored pencils (I have a lot) Derwents, Artist, Colorsoft and Studio, mostly topped by Polychromos.

The above is really only a doodle but thought you might be interested in seeing it. Done in my sketchbook with various technical pens, it is about 4 inches square. Just threw different shapes and lines at it and this is the result. Sometimes it is just fun to play with no serious intent.

Two photographs today, the day following our last storm the sky cleared for a bit and we had sun and a blue sky. I took the opportunity to wander around my neighborhood with my camera, and came across this lone tree silhouetted against the sky. Not sure if you can see it, but many of the larger branches close to the trunk have a frosting of snow on them. As you can see the sun was getting fairly low in the sky. I could have lightened the photo in Photoshop (actually I did a little) but I really like the visual contrast so didn't play with it too much.

The above photo was made the same day as the tree and is of the roof of my building showing the snow overhang and some icicles hanging down. The wind whips the snow into such strange shapes. Something I love to photograph.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.