Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Bookmark and some Pen and Inks

I think I have Easter on the brain, which is silly because I am not a church goer and won't be celebrating Easter even when it comes around. Anyway I was doodling the other day and this funny looking rabbit came out. I looked at it and though, hmm, that might make a fun bookmark. I made some slight changes and then transferred the drawing to a bookmark sized piece of hot press watercolor paper. After inking the rabbit I used various colored pencils to color him (I think it is a he, a she would be wearing a hat) and the background in. 

I wanted to call it/him Oswald but after doing a quick Internet search discovered that Disney had created an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit years and years ago, actually prior to his creating Mickey Mouse, and funnily enough his rabbit looks a lot like Mickey except the ears are longer. For the record my rabbit doesn't look anything like Disney's. Anyway, now I am not sure if I should bother naming him at all. The bookmark isn't quite finished, it still needs a bit of work, but drawing this was fun and totally out of my usual working subject/style. 

I totally missed drawing anything for the last WetCanvas Scavenger Hunt list (#392), so told myself when I printed out the next list yesterday that I really need to draw something for this one (#393). This morning I sat down and did a quick sketch of the door to the hall in my Apt. It is an old door with lots of architectural details so was a bit of a challenge which I haven't done justice to. Got the scale a bit wrong so had to play with it a bit at the bottom, could be worse, could be a lot better.  Done with one of my technical pens in the dedicated sketchbook.

The flowers above started out as a doodle, then I added the colored inks and finally the lines for the background. Not the best lining work, but not too bad. Just a fun exercise with no real purpose. I like to sometimes draw totally from my imagination. I never know where these sessions will lead sometimes to nothing and other times to the start of more finished works, as with the rabbit above.

I have found that since for the past few years I have spent a lot of time drawing various items/animals/flowers from life or reference that my imaginary images have expanded to include some of the shapes used with those more realistic images and my doodles no longer remind me of the teenager/young adult I once was.

I am working on another design pattern. Drawn in pencil, inked outlines with black acrylic ink. I just finished inking in the background lines using brown acrylic ink. I have a design error, can you see it? But decided it doesn't matter too much. I think this one needs some color, but may star at it a bit more before I decide just what colors to use.

This is 4 inches square on 400 Strathmore Bristol Board Smooth, inking is done with dip pen and acrylic inks as mentioned. Again I am working from my imagination, but if it reminds you of something I wouldn't be surprised.

The above is a series of photos that I am actually still working on, as the slumped snow in the last photo is slumping even more, but hasn't fallen just yet. The first photograph was made early yesterday afternoon during our latest snow storm. The middle image was made a bit later in the day after snow that was overhanging from the roof dropped to the porch, leaving just one section standing. The bottom photograph was made this morning, after we had had additional snow fall overnight as you can tell by the height of the snow pile against the railings. I think if the sun comes out as they told us it would it won't be long before the pile falls.

One additional comment about snow, the commentators on the news tell us that we have had approximately 60 inches of snow (that is 5 feet) in the past 3 weeks. This is some kind of record, and is overwhelming those whose responsibility it is to keep the roads clear and transportation moving. I know they are doing their best, and am hoping our weather pattern changes soon so that we don't get more of these storms. There just isn't room for more of this white stuff.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.