Sunday, September 20, 2015

Some Pen and Ink and other Updates

Oops, been way too long since I managed a blog update. Mostly because a problem with my Apt. required that I pretty much pack it up and store stuff while the problem was being dealt with. Heat has also been an issue as I just don't feel very creative when I am hot. That said things are mostly settled, thank heavens, and I am slowly starting to put the Apt. and my life back together. Still for the moment my art supplies have been reduced to a couple of sketchbooks and my technical pens and pencils so the type of work I can do is limited, graphite or pen and ink.

All of today's images are pen and ink aren't really much more than doodles, but still a way for me to keep my hand in, and some of them are kind of fun. Above a stylized moon with some funky stars and I think galaxies, hey if I say that is what I intended you will just have to take my word for it. Drawn with pen in one of my small sketchbooks.

Another pen work, this time an imaginary still life, Not sure what that image in the background is, but I had fun drawing it.

I have been photographing Hydrangea's, the flowers can be white, blue, pink and sometimes a purple color depending on the soil conditions they are growing in. This little sketch isn't from life, but from my imagination even if based (more or less) on real flowers. Drawn with a .03 Copic Multiliner in one of my sketchbooks.

The upheaval in my Apt. caused me to toss the curtains in my living room. It was time, they were old and some of them had sun rot and were splitting. Trying to keep the cost of the replacement curtains down I purchased some inexpensive flat sheets from Walmart, They are a cotton/poly blend and knit not woven. The fabric is not very nice and I would hate to have to use them on my bed, but for curtains they will work, however the plain cream color just was too bland for me to want to go with it.

Hey I am an artist and something of a fiber artist though I haven't been doing much with fiber these past few years. Still I had/have supplies (just had to dig them out of storage) so the above photo shows an in-progress image of what I am doing to the sheets to liven them up. I am stenciling leaves to the cream background using Shiva Oil Paint sticks and some leaf templates I had picked up at a quilt show years ago and never really used. I am using several colors of green paint, along with several gold/yellow/red iridescent paint colors

Needless to say this is turning out to be a larger project than I initially planned. It is taking longer to stencil the leaves than I expected and is a lot more work. I have four windows that I have to re-curtain, and at my current rate it will probably be sometime next year before I am done. I will try to remember to post an image of a finished set so you can have an idea of how the project came out.

Last week I finally managed a trip into Boston, the main purpose was to make some photographs in Copley Square for the 2016 Calendar that I am working on but I also added in a quick visit to the MFA, with a side trip to Dick Blicks for more paint sticks. I am working on 3 calendars for 2016, flowers, butterflies and a seasonal year of Boston images. More about these in further posts.

From my visit to the MFA, above are three photographs of artwork from a new exhibit called Pastoral to Pop, 20th Century Britain on Paper. As you can see the exhibit is very eclectic from abstracted to realistic, buildings to figure. I take every chance I can get to view works on paper, for many years a neglected part of world of art but one which I find compelling. Some of these works I found very compelling, others not so much. Since it will be up until next Feb. I expect to visit it a few more times and to be able to really examine some of the works more closely.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo's but the gallery has low light and I can't use flash so.., also the works were sometimes hung over each other putting them above my line of sight, making a head on photo shot a bit tricky (hence the cut off top of the figure drawing)

Last image today is a photograph of a sunflower that I made last week. It is growing in a neighbors front yard. Actually a lot of my neighbors grow sunflowers, which I appreciate since I love to photograph them. Yellow, brown, green and blue wonderful colors that go well together.

That is it for today, hopefully it won't be so long before my next update. Hope everyone had a good summer and is looking forward to a splendid fall. Per usual comments are welcome and appreciated even if I don't always respond.