Saturday, November 7, 2015

Exploring Various Ink Colors

Took a couple of days off from drawing after the finish of the #inktober challenge last weekend. I had sort over extending myself and needed a mental break if not physical.

Earlier this week I took a trip into Boston and made a visit to the large Dick Blicks store up near Fenway Park. I picked up some new colored ink and colored pens to play with.

Not a very good still life, I did the drawing last night and then did a rush job with the inking this morning. Two apples and a pear, and I am not at all happy with the apple to the left in the drawing. Part of my problem this morning was with the light hitting the fruit. Last night there was only a single source from a lamp on a table next to me, this morning the sun was coming in the east and south facing windows that are in the room, but it was still early enough that I also needed the lamp on. Still Life's do much better with a single source light source, should of inked it last night or waited. Ah well guess I can try again another day. Also should have thought through where I wanted outlines and where I didn't before I started inking. Oops indeed.

I used my new Acrylic Indigo ink with a dip pen for this, though I am not sure that the scan really shows off the blue ink. Indigo is a combination of blue and black, and I am thinking as I write this that a drawing using the Indigo with Paynes Grey and maybe some black should be interesting. Drawn in  my new Strathmore Visual Journal. I like the paper for ink, not so much for pencil, but that is OK, any pencil I use will be because I need the guidelines for the ink.

I was visiting Blicks because I needed some replacement tips for a couple of my aluminum body Multiliner pens. To my surprise I noticed some new brown colored pens in the rack and ended up purchasing a couple to try out. The color on the pen is Brown, vs the other brown Copic Multiliner that is labeled Sepia. So they are two different colors.

I had picked up this oak leaf and small acorn on my walk along the Fens (I was on my way to the MFA) and thought it would be a good subject to test the new brown ink on. I added some lines using the Sepia pen so you can see the difference in colors between the old Sepia and the new Brown. The new Brown is slightly darker.

Don't go by the acorn I added black to that since the actual acorn has a very dark walnut colored body. Not sure what kind of oak this is, but I have a feeling it isn't an American oak, most native oaks have much larger acorns, and this little guy wasn't a fluke, there were lots of them about the same size.

Last of my drawings today, I sketched a fellow passenger on the bus into Boston, rather sketchy, but I actually rather like it.

Now for a couple of photographs. The above was taken on the Northeastern University Campus in Boston. The day had been warm and sunny earlier, by the time I made this photo it was getting to be not only late afternoon but a bit overcast so the colors aren't as brilliant as they could have been.

The above is a photo of one of my White Christmas Cactus flowers. I have two plants and they are both currently in bloom. The flower is being lit by some sunshine coming in a south facing window, so the light hitting the petals and reflecting off some of the leaves give this a rather abstract look. Christmas Cactus flowers are a bit strange looking in any case, but I rather like this photo.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome. Have a couple of other projects in the works so  hopefully it won't be a week until  my next update.