Thursday, September 11, 2008

2nd Week of School

Well I have survived my 2nd week of school, first week where I had all my classes, and we have actually started doing some work. I also had my first quiz, ack - well hopefully I didn't do too badly on it, but I know I missed some things. Had to memorize the names of the tools in Photo Shop, I think I did pretty well considering, since there are a lot of them and we only had about 48 hours.

Had my first long drawing class on Tue
sday, the class st arts at 12:30 and gets out about 4:30 so we are doing over 3 hours of drawing. We see slides at the beginning of class, and get a break about half way through so we aren't drawing the entire time. I was so exhausted at the end of that class I was amazed. Course I am not used to that much standing, but I don't think it was the standing that did me in, it is hard work drawing . I am going to post some of the drawings, understand the pictures aren't the best and I have cropped them to show only my drawing not the entire sheet of paper I am working on. I am trying to keep the image sizes down so I can post more.
First sketch, I didn't get very far before I realize that I wasn't working large enough, so scrapped this and went on to number two.

This is just a gourd and some onions, not thrilled but better then #1

Then I went on to try to do the skull, not sure what the animal was, I am not totally pleased with this one
After a break I did the vase above, I didn't realize until I cropped it that it leans a bit to the right, oh well

A Squash, I like this one
Cabbage, the instructor wasn't impressed, told me to keep working on it, but I rather like it.

I also have some projects in the works for the Color Design class, will post some pictures of those when they are done. And no these aren't the egg project, one of these is done with our original veggie sketches and the other has to be done with a fruit, that is drawn as a fruit, then cut in half, and then a drawing of the seed. I picked a pear, did a lovely drawing only to find when I cut it open that there were no seeds, bother. I purchased another pear yesterday, hopefully this one has seeds, otherwise I will have to go for an apple.