Saturday, October 4, 2008

5th Week School

I just finished my 5th week of school, beginning my second month in school. In a way it seems both longer and shorter since I started classes. I have learned a fair amount about Photo Shop, at least I now know how to create layers and move objects from one photo to another. I think my drawing is improving, which is good. But not sure what I am learning in design, though I have read two chapters in our book. The second chapter is about the Vocabulary of Form, the seven principles of Organization, Harmony, Variety, Balance, proportion, dominanc, movement, and economy. When a art work is created all of those factors have to be taken into account to come up with a visually pleasing work of art. Well it sounds good to say it that way, but of course it is much easier said then done.

In my Computer Graphics course we are moving onto Illustrator, I think we will spend about a month learning how to use the tools in Illustrator then we move onto In-Design, and last is Quark Express. The instructor was showing us some projects that have been done by his more advanced graphic art students. Things like CD covers for records, new logos for non-profits, and brochures for non-profits - the idea that I could design things like that is enough to give me pause about doing graphic design, but I have to keep in mind that I need to take one step at a time, and right now I am just at the beginning of the learning curve.

In Color and Design we are working on a large image of a leaf broken into multiple squares, using different techniques and media in each square, I am about half way done with mine and need to focus on that this weekend to get it done. Then we move on to a project that requires a self portrate (ACK), need I say that I am not eager to do that project.

Drawing this week was focusing on tone rather than line, the still life the instructor set up included a torso of a male (Styrofoam if you would believe) and several vases on blocks. Below are my two drawings, not sure which one I prefer. I like the vases but the overall design of the drawing isn't as strong as I would like it to be. Still the instructor told me that it is the kind of drawing that should be included in a portfolio just to show that I can draw real objects, not just fantasy images, such as dragons or fairies, which I take it is a popular theme with the younger students.

I think I got the torso a bit long, and his hand doesn't seem quite large enough but otherwise it isn't bad.

Last weekend was very very wet here in MA, it rained all day Friday and then off and on through the weekend. By Monday we were finally seeing a bit of sun, which was nice after all the cloudy days. Weather is cooling off with days in the mid sixties and nights cooler.

On Wednesday after my Color and Design class I headed up to the Blue Hills Reservation and took a short walk into the woods there I took pictures of some mushrooms that had grown. They were out in force after the wet weather we have been having. One group esp interested me, they were small white mushrooms growing out of a fallen tree. I came home and printed out that photo and did first a pencil sketch then inked it in to give me a black and white drawing of mushrooms. I am rather pleased with it so will post a copy of the image here.

My other project for the week was a challenge quilt for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge group. But I will do a seperate blog post for that.