Saturday, October 4, 2008

FFFC Challenge #25

My other project for the week, other than school and homework has been the completion of my first official challenge for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge Yahoo Group. We received our challenge instructions last Friday. For this year of challenges we are to work in series. I have chosen Structures to be my theme for this year (well the next few challenges anyway). Then for the September challenge, we needed to use a complementary color scheme, I chose red violet and yellow green. Then we were supposed to work with vertical, horizontal or diagonal layout. I think I would consider mine a diagonal layout.

I have been wanting to do a quilt using rooftops on the diagonal overlapping each other, so my design (which I did in Illustrator) includes 5 houses that move into the distance. I added a sixth house in the lower right to balance the houses on the left. I used Illustrator to create some templates (which I cut out of freezer paper) for the houses and the pieced background. After putting all the houses on the background fabric I realized that I needed to add something to the sky to keep viewers eyes from moving off the quilt, I didn't really want to use a white fabric and I didn't have any lighter red-violet fabrics so spent a bit thinking - ahha, I have white angelina I though, I can use that. So I did, it adds some iridescence to the sky and you can see the background fabric through it. It is quilted down. I used batik, hand dyed, and one commercial fabric, machine quilted with various weights of cotton threads, and I added some hand embroidered pearl cotton. That and the Angelina for clouds is the materials list for this little quilt, which is 8.5 x 12 inches. I actually finished this just under the deadline of noon on the Sat a week from the challenge issue date.

Oh yes I have named this little guy Street View #1, at least it makes it sound like it will be a series.

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