Friday, December 12, 2008

2nd Week December

Well this last week is almost the end of this semester at school. I have the final critic in Color and Design on Monday afternoon next week, my final drawing class on Tuesday and my drawing critic on Thursday. On Friday I fly out to Chicago, so I am not sure there will be a blog update next week. Maybe Wednesday if I can manage to get myself organized.

I finished the Computer graphics final on Wednesday this week, burned a CD and turned it in. For anyone reading who is a MAC lover I apologize, but right now I have no love for I MAC's at all. It destroyed my extra credit project, making my photo shop file go poof, and then it didn't like the blank CD I brought to burn my files onto. I will take my PC over that MAC any day. I had to borrow a blank from another student. I was not a happy camper. My final project was a brochure, and not really something I can post here since we didn't even print it. The purpose of the project was for us to demonstrate that we knew how to use the publishing program to do various tasks. I think I did OK.

This week in Color and Design I finished my last regular project which is the line value drawing that is below. It is really supposed to have been done in pencil but I and several other students did them with ink. I used mechanical pens with different nib sizes, the outlining black was done with a very fine point and I had to do lots of lines, a pia but I like the way it looks so it was worth it. Then I spent the rest of the week on my final project for the Color and Design class which for me was to make a small quilt with eggs as the concept. It is almost done, but not quite so you will get a picture next time I update the blog. I spent my time in Wednesday's class drawing the basic design so that on Thursday I could jump right into the project.

By the way the drawing is rectangular, it is off in the photo because I took it at a slight angle sorry.

Lots of pictures for you this week from my drawing class, first are the 4 drawings I did for homework 2 weeks ago. The were supposed to be quick studies about 10 to 15 minutes each. I think I spent a bit longer on each, so it took me over an hour to get all 4 done. I quite like two of them, as they actually sort of look like the person I was drawing. But 2 aren't as good. I will put the better two first then the not so good ones.

These two aren't too bad

His mouth/nose aren't right, and I am just not fond of her.

In drawing class we have moved on to the whole figure. We don't have a live model this term, we will in Drawing II next Term. So the instructor brought in a CD and projected photos of posed models for us to draw. I think we did 7 poses total, but I am only going to show you 3. We did 2 poses for the male, one the front version of what I uploaded, I decided to leave that one out. And there were a couple of poses of women that I either didn't draw well, or aren't what I want to post so you only get 2 of the women drawings I did.

I had a problem with the charcoal on the rear hand of the seated woman, but other wise I am pleased with her.

This is our male model, we did the same pose from the front. They airbrushed out details but still I think I will pass on uploading that drawing for you. He had lots of muscles and a skinny butt.

That's it for this week. My other project for the week was the FFFC group challenge. I have it done but will post it separately.