Friday, December 12, 2008

FFFC Challenge #27

Even with all the homework I have been doing for classes I managed to finish my small quilt for the 27th FFFC Challenge. Our Challenge this month was to work with values, light lights, dark darks and mediums. The second part was to work either close up or a distance view. My original idea was to do a close up of a windmill, or wind turbine. So I started an internet search for pictures that I could use to design my quilt. I looked at lots of pictures and even downloaded a couple before I came across an image of pinwheels. You remember pinwheels don't you? made out of paper a stick and pins, they spin in the breeze and are fun. When I saw them I though oh my I could use some of my Japanese fabrics for that. So I changed my mind about the subject of my challenge piece and went with 3 pinwheels. I drafted out 3 different sizes, created templates, picked fabrics from the stash, for the pinwheels all Japanese fabrics, and for the background purple hand dyes. Fabrics are machine appliqued down. I used shell buttons from my button collection as the centers of the pinwheels, and added beads along the inner bright fabric edges. I used Black beads for the two smaller pinwheels and white beads for the center larger one. I was going to add some additional background embellishments, either more beads or some fiber but decided to leave it as it is for the moment. It was machine quilted.

If you feel strongly one way or the other about additional embellishments let me know, I am interested in hearing opinions on this. I am calling this one Spinners. The approximate size of this quilt is 16.5 x 14 inches, a bit larger then I usually work.