Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Greetings

Happy 2009 to everyone.

OK I know it is a bit late to be wishing New Year greetings, but this is about the earliest I could manage to get to it. I just spent 2 weeks in Chicago, which included Christmas and New Years, with my sister. The Holidays were good, and I lucked out with my travel plans. I left prior to a big storm here in the Northeast and I arrived in Chicago after a smallish snow storm there. The bad weather in Chicago the week of Christmas calmed down by New Years and I had no problems getting home on the 3rd of January.

No classes of course for the past couple of weeks, but I did take my sketch book with me to Chicago and tried to do one drawing everyday. I am not going to bore you with images of all the drawings I did but I am uploading a few that you can check out. I tried to vary the subjects as you will see.

The boy on the left is from a photo in National Geographic, one of a group of young Monks running, the woman on the right is from a photo from Discover Magazine, she was being featured in an article.

The image on the left is from National Geographic and is a Maya God Incense burner, the cat on the right is a Maine Coon featured in Cat Fancy

This little girl was from an Ad in Newsweek Magazine

Since I have been home I have been catching up with my groups and their messages. I am behind on the FFFC group challenge for December. It is a bit tricky for me this time as the challenge is to convey a mood or emotion and to add a zinger to the design. The zinger I can handle, it is the mood or emotion bit that I am finding tricky, remember my series theme is structures. I am playing with a design idea so we will see. If it doesn't work out I may skip the Dec. Challenge all together though I would rather not do that.