Friday, February 27, 2009

February, Last Call

February is almost over. As I write this tomorrow is the 28th and the last day of the month. Of course February is the shortest month of the year, but I think it always feels like the longest, probably because of the weather. Though I have to say this year the weather hasn't been too bad. We haven't had any major snow storms, at least where I live, up north they are buried in snow, we have even had some rain. Still it hasn't gotten warm enough to confuse the plants, even though we have had some warmish days, the nights are staying cold. All that said I am not sorry to see February leave us.

School has been busy not leaving me any time to play with my stamps on fabric, though I did ask for and receive lots of good tips on how to use the stamps and Lumiere from the Art Quilt List members. It is no fair that now that I know what I want to try and do I have no time to play. Oh well school work must come first.

Lets see what images do I have for you this week. In Typography I have a huge project due on Monday, but so far nothing that I can show you. In Graphic Design we are heading into the final stages on our 2nd project using two words and an image, I have selected my words and image, now have to work on the layout. Should be done for next week, but we will see.

I have a couple of images for you from Color and Design, more color studies. The first pair are an image of a felt suit that belonged to an artist. We colored it in based on the study requirements.

This study was done with a Tetradic Harmony, 4 colors
that form a square on the color wheel.
Blue Green, Red Orange, yellow and violet

This study was done with a color triad
Red Orange, yellow green, and violet

The next image is one half of our next study, where we had to paint rectilinear forms with the colors that represent a season to us. We were supposed to imagine that we worked for a card company and had to create color pallets for other designers one study for each of the 4 seasons. I have only finished half of this, the last 2 seasons I am working on but they aren't finished.

The card above represents 2 seasons, winter on top and spring on the bottom

Our final color study project is to paint 10 colors that we love/like the best. They are our personal colors. Obviously no rights or wrongs with this study. I have created my list of colors based on my clothing. Mixing them to paint should be interesting, wish me luck.

In drawing this week we worked from projected images, though the images were photo's that our instructor had taken instead of the CD's. The poses are a bit less, oh I don't know what word I am looking for here, dramatic maybe, or perhaps twee. Anyway I will show you my 3 homework drawings first. These are from 2 weeks ago, last week I had to draw a skeleton.

Doesn't her pose remind you of the old Vargus Playboy drawings.
Actually she was kind of fun to draw.

Below are some of my class drawings, we did fewer then we do with a live model but still too many to bore you with here, so this is just a selection.

Poses here are a bit trickier, lots of foreshortening but I think on the whole I didn't do badly.

That's it for this week. We received our FFFC challenge for February this morning, a fun one, using a design concept of the S curve with split complementary colors. I really want to get started on this, but have to work on my Typography homework instead. No fair, working with color is far more fun then inking something in black and white. Oh well, I can think about designs as I ink I suppose. As always comments are welcome.