Friday, February 13, 2009

February, Friday the 13th

It has been a busy week for me at school. We started a new assignment in Typography. Where we have to create a 27th letter for the alphabet. First we picked a sound, I have picked TH, then a font, I am using Bodoni MT then we had to design a new letter for our sound. I have done that and am at the stage when it has to be transferred to hot press board and inked. It is due at my next class. I also completed a couple of assignments in Color and Design, finished the Lego project for my Graphic Design course and had another session of "Life" drawing in my drawing class.

First I will show you the Color and Design images, the first is my Color Star. I am pleased with some of it and not so pleased with other parts. I mixed all the colors using 5 tubes of paint, blue, yellow, red, a violet and a blue green. Color wheels seem to take way more yellow then they should. I don't want to tell you how much yellow paint I have been using.

Our next project was to do two studies, one with monochrome tints and shades, and the other was to mix various grays using complementary colors on the color wheel. I think the monochrome is rather nice, I used my blue green paint for that one. On the grays, well.. all I can say is I was getting a bit tired of mixing, so a couple of my colors aren't as grayed as they should be. The writing on the bottom of the gray tones is the percent of colors I used to get the tone.

In Graphic Design we finished our Lego project by combining the photo of the lego with the grayed image of what we imagined the lego to be. I picked a nice chair, so if you look closely you can see that my lego is casting the shadow of that chair. I am fairly pleased with how this came out.

In drawing my first images for you are my 2nd homework assignment. There are 4 photos here, they were fairly quick sketches so don't have a lot of detail, mainly gesture and form. You may recognize some of these poses as I have done them before, in class I think, but these are my homework assignment, and not the same drawings.

Next I have just 3 of my classroom drawings for you. We did about 15, but that is way more then I want to either take pictures of or upload here. First is one of the fairly quick studies that we did, where the model held the pose for about 5 minutes, the last two were longer poses so I was able to include more shadows and details.

That's it for this week. I am still working on my stamps for playing around with my letter forms on fabric. But otherwise didn't manage any quilting this week at all after I finished the challenge piece last Saturday. I hope to find some time to work on my bed quilt binding, or machine quilting on a smaller piece that I have sitting around waiting to be quilted this coming weekend. As always feel free to comment.