Friday, February 20, 2009

Mid February and Presidents Day

Mid February and we are finally getting a bit of a break with the weather. Besides it warming up a bit over the weekend, the snow we had this week turned to rain and melted even more of the snow we had on the ground. Can almost see the sidewalk that was totally buried the beginning of the month. YEAH. Then there was the Presidents day Holiday on Monday. I didn't celebrate it in a very exciting way, not unless you consider doing homework exciting. Still I was able to temporarily get caught up with my assignments. A good thing I think.

Classes are keeping me busy, all of them have homework projects, though I think I am spending more time with the Color and Design painting projects then anything else. We had 2 due last Tuesday and 2 more Thursday, and another due next Tuesday. I have images of the 4 we have been working on this past week for you today.

First pair was done by making a design using squares, ovals and circles. They needed to touch the edges so we wouldn't have a background to paint. We use colors to go with the assignment, and can use tints and shades of our chosen colors.

This is an Analogous color group
I used Blue, blue violet, and violet
To be analogous all colors have to share a color, all of my colors share blue

Same image as above Complimentary Colors this time

Our next pair used the same basic sketch, but we enlarged the width by an inch and we added a 2 inch grid to the image. I took out a couple of shapes to keep my paint areas from getting too small.

This is a Warm/Cool Study
My Colors were, red orange, orange, blue, and blue green
The requirement for this study was 2 cool and 2 warm colors.

Same template as above this is a Split Complimentary Study
Colors are Red Orange, Green and Blue

In Typography I inked in my 27th letter project as shown below. I really need to redo it because I did not use a ruler to do some of my outline inking and it shows. Also she would have like the letters in the top row to be a bit closer together and to have the curves at the bottom of the letters go a bit further under the base line. We also had a test in Typography, I won't say much about it except that she isn't giving multiple choice tests, and she wants us to remember details. I think I passed it, but certainly didn't get an A on it. I can tell you that her tests are going to be totally not fun.

My letter is in the center above between the F & G it represents the TH sound
Call it Fred, the word below is There using my letter.
Font is Bodoni MT

In drawing this week we had another live model. I am feeling a bit frustrated with my drawings from this class, because I feel I am not seeing any improvement from week to week. I know nit picking here on my part, esp as most of you probably feel that I am pretty good already. But that is how I am feeling. I should be doing more figure studies outside of class, but finding the time is something of an issue. Oh well, the first images for you are from my homework assignment 2 weeks ago. We actually did 4 drawings, but on one my instructor added some lines so I have left it out. I had caught him before class and told him that I had had problems drawing that particular model/view so he was evaluating it with me and marked it up.

I sort of like the one on the left, don't get me wrong the instructor doesn't dislike them, he gave me an A- on these.

The rest of the images are from Tuesday's drawing class. One from our warm up session, where poses were held for only a couple of minutes, and then three more images where she held the pose for a longer time frame. We did about 25 poses/drawings so this is just to give you an idea of what I was doing.

For graphic design we are working a project with Onomatopoeia words. I found 10 words and created images, now it turns out we need to pick a second onomatopoeia word to go with the image that is also described by the image. ACK , wish me luck with this one, I need it. Since nothing I did the first go round is going to work with another word.

On the quilting front, I have actually been working on sewing down the binding on the large quilt, and I pretty much have my stroke stamps made. One stamp I may have to redo, but I want to try it first. Will let you know what my results are from this experiment.