Friday, March 6, 2009

March in like a Lion

March came in like a lion this year. Maybe not exactly on the first here in the northeast but certainly along the rest of the east coast. Here we had snow on the second, a real nor'easter for us and even the South had snow. Atlanta had a bit over 3 inches, something they aren't used to. On Sunday night into Monday we had approximately 8 inches where I live. It drifted so it is a bit hard to say for sure how much we actually had, it might have been less, but it was enough of a storm that we had another snow day at school. All classes were canceled on Monday. I played catch up with some of my homework so I didn't have a relaxing day, but it was good to get caught up with things. These spring storms don't last long but can be nasty.

Since I started last week with my Tuesday classes I am going to change the order of the images a little bit. Tuesday is my Color and Design class, for that class I have two images, the last of the seasonal color studies.

On the top are my summer colors
the bottom is fall, note more browns
and neutralized colors for that season.

The next image is my personal color pallet. I choose to use the colors I prefer to wear, not that I can always purchase these colors as fashion colors come and go but I buy them when I can get them. I noticed when I finished that it is a fall pallet, all neutralized colors in one way or another even that pink is a neutralized pink. For three of these colors I added black, something I did only for this study. All of the other neutralized colors in the other studies were done with either white or their complement on the color wheel. But you have to add black to get a navy blue so I did. The other two colors with black are the brown in the upper left and the burgundy above the navy blue. Not sure that color will show up correctly on your monitor, but in real life it is a dark burgundy red.

My afternoon class on Tuesday is my drawing class, we had a life model and did a lot of quick sketches, but I am not happy with Tuesdays work so I only have 3 images for you. One sketch and two of longer poses. I also have the 2 skeleton drawings we did for homework, he gave me a fairly good grade on them, but I think they are awful. I really don't like drawing bones.

The legs on the back view are a bit too short, the front is ok, but I got the spine too long in the back.

I am not really happy with either of the last two, to me something is not quite right with both of them. Oh well, hopefully I will do better next week.

Wednesday we turned in our Typography homework. This exercise was using letter forms to create a pattern. I chose to use a serif font so my letters are obvious, I used A and W from the Century Font. In case you couldn't guess this took hours to do and was my main focus all weekend. I would work on it a few hours each day and finally got it finished on Sunday.

Size on this is about 20 inches square.

In Graphic Design on Wednesday we went over our 10 sketches for the final layout for our second project. The instructor did more explaining about what he was and wasn't looking for, a good thing as many of us weren't headed in the right direction. Turns out we couldn't use different fonts in either word we used but we could use different styles on the larger word. I spent yesterday morning finishing my design and here is a photo of it mounted on the foam board. I have a bit of adhesive over spray which I hope will evaporate before Monday, but if it doesn't it doesn't. The picture is of a radiator and its relief valve. The cut off H was the instructors suggestion, which I followed. The sounds are sounds I hear all the time in winter, usually the thunk/bang is first then the hiss when the hot water/steam finally reaches my radiators.

Not sure how I feel about this, I think it works for our project, but I am not in love with it. I liked the chair better.

My last image is a landscape drawing I did using colored pencils. It is small only 6.5 x 4.25 inches. I started it over my winter school break and finally finished it last month. I forgot to post a picture so thought I would share it this week. It is from a photo I took one fall in our local park.

That's all for this week. I need to go work on my FFFC challenge quilt, which so far only has fabrics pulled for it, and a very preliminary design sketch done. Need to work on the sketch so I can work on the quilt. It is due tomorrow, and I know I won't make that, but would like to have it done next week. Per usual comments are always welcome.