Friday, March 27, 2009

March Winding Down

Almost the end of March is upon us. The weather looks like it isn't going to be quite as nasty as it was for the beginning of the month so we may have the traditional "in like a lion and out like a lamb". It is starting to warm up a bit, and we are having rain instead of snow, Yeah. I actually saw some crocus blooming the other day. Spring is actually starting to come after our very cold snowy winter.

I was back at school this week after last weeks "break", wasn't much of a break for me because of all the school work I was trying to get done but there weren't any classes. I did note that this weeks classes had rather poor attendance, I guess a lot of kids were trying to recover from their spring break. The up side of being back in class is that I have pictures for you again.

Lets start with Color and Design. I turned in my drawing of the 7 houses on Monday. Our next assignment was to draw two views of a room, one from standard human view, and one from either a birds eye view, or a cats eye view, I chose to do the lower view, though mine is probably more of a large dog then a small cat.

Standard Eye view

cat/large dog eye view - lower then the the Standard view anyway.

We now have to draw our 7 barns/houses in 2 point perspective from 2 views. Those images I should have for you next week.

No images for you from either Graphic Design or Typography. In Graphic Design we are still working on our Poster designs, though we have moved into the computer design phase. I need to have 3 files for Monday of my final poster design. In Typography we have started our research paper. I have chosen to do a paper on John Baskerville. He was an Englishman who lived in the 1700's and was actually a friend of Benjamin Franklin. He not only designed the Baskerville Font, but developed hot press paper. Since almost all of the paper we now use is hot press that was a significant development in the process of printing. I promise that I will try to not bore you too much with details of his life as I learn them.

We were back in drawing class on Tuesday, and I got back the homework drawings I turned in just before break. These were our leg and feet studies. We had pictures of a male model for them and I took the liberty of obscuring some of the details on one photo of my drawing. I was going to get creative and draw a fig leaf, cut it out and put it over the proper area, but decided that a small block of post it notes was the perfect size and so used that instead. It doesn't seem quite fair that I post my female nudes with no qualms but mask or select out photos of males that expose too much. But such is life I guess.

Bones of the legs and feet with pelvis

Basically the same view, except covered by skin and muscles

Side view legs and feet

We had a live model again on Tuesday and spent the first part of the class doing quick full studies of her. Then we viewed some slides about drawing heads and faces. Then we went back to class and did some drawings of her head. I have 3 of my quick sketches then 3 of my portrait drawings for you this week.

These may be sketches but I think I am starting to get some of the energy of her poses transferred to the paper, so I am relatively pleased with them.

That's it for this week. I have also been working on my FFFC February challenge quilt and hope to have that done this weekend so I can post to the blog pictures of that one. Since we received our next challenge (March) this morning I really need to get this one done. I fear school work and some pleasure reading have gotten in my way this past month. Hopefully I will do better with March.

As always comments are welcome.