Friday, May 1, 2009

First of May

Its May first and around here the trees are leafing out and flowers are blooming away. I know many of you south of me have leaves already and even more flowers. What can I say, I am happy to see them, it felt like winter would never be over this year, too much snow. That said we had some really hot weather earlier in the week which I didn't enjoy, but temps have returned to more normal today and through the weekend. We will also have rain showers, or so they tell us, good for the woods and the flowers which were getting a bit dried out.

Only one more week of classes, then some final tests or critiques and I will be done for the term. I am still trying to make up my mind if I want to take a class the first summer session. It would be a class in Photoshop, we would meet 3 days a week for 3.5 hours a day for about a month. It is supposed to be how to do Photoshop for web design. Thinking about this, guess I should ask my Graphic Arts instructor if this would be worthwhile for me.

In the meantime lets get to this weeks images, first up are two photos of my last sculpture. I didn't do very well on this one, design is ho hum and integration of the stones isn't all that well done either. I will probably smash this to get my stones back as I really don't care for it at all.

No images from either Typography or Graphic Design this week. I am working on my final project for both classes, in Graphic Design my logo is starting to take shape, but still needs a bit more tweaking before it will be done. And images for typography are all photos that I will use to create my handout and display for my presentation. Not original art at all.

On to my drawing images, first is my homework from two weeks ago. The instructor handed out photo's of other artists drawings of nudes and we had to copy one. I chose a pencil drawing of a guy sitting backward on a chair. Sorry I don't have the artist's name for you, but I think it turned out pretty well as a copy of someone else work.

We had another live model in drawing this week a women we have had before. There is a "hiring freeze" so the instructor wasn't able to bring in a different model for us. Talk about weird since models are paid per hours worked and having a different one wouldn't change the expense. Oh well can't figure out some of the rules that HR will put in place. But I know I would have enjoyed a different body/model. Still here are three drawings out the several I did.

That's it for this week. Hope everyone is enjoying some good weather. Till next week. As always comments are welcome.