Friday, May 8, 2009

Last week Spring Term

Last week of classes are done for spring term, a strange feeling, and I am trying to decide what to do next. Was thinking about a Photoshop class, but even though it is only for a month it is intense, as they meet 3 days a week. We would be doing a web site design at the end, which I want to do, but I think I need a break. Classes this spring have been intense and I have been feeling a bit of wanting out and done with the work. I have a little bit longer to think about this as next week is finals.

In the meantime I have images for you. I did my final presentation for Typography, a talk from my paper on John Baskerville English printer and typographer. I can show you the handout but the paper is a 9 page word document so we will skip that.

I am pleased with how this came out, even though I had to be lead to it by my instructor, still some of it is totally mine so I can take some credit.

In Graphic design we are still working on our logo, I will let you see it next week though it is really designed at this point. I am still designing the letterhead, but I think I have the business card and envelope done. Still until I glue it down I can always change my mine.

In drawing we had our last class on Tuesday. We spent half the class working from slides and the 2nd half starting our final drawing. Final drawing has to have at least 4 people in it. I am using a photo I found in Smithsonian Magazine as my basis and will have 5 figures. Wish me luck. In the meantime here are my last two homework pieces. One I like and the other is so so.

My not so good dwg, don't like his foot, or her arm

I like this one much better

We did 4 drawings from slides on Tuesday, first one was fairly quick and the others a bit longer. I sort of preferred the last one at a slightly sketcher stage, before I put all the dark around the bodies, but I think it still works.

This pose reminds me of a famous painting but not sure whose

That is it for this week. Next week I will post my logo final and my Drawing II final. After that any images will have to be either quilts I am working on or drawings that I am doing for me. At least for the summer. If I want to do art I have to have a body of work so I really need to be doing drawings this summer. Per usual comments are welcome.